The Beach in the Long Twentieth Century


PD Dr Ursula Kluwick (Senior Researcher)

Ursula Kluwick loves swimming, and her first aquatic love will always be fresh water, especially the lakes of her home country, Austria, and the Alpine rivers of her adopted country, Switzerland. But she is also happy to succumb to the pull of the oceanic beach and is an avid collector of shells. This dual interest is reflected in her work on water, in which she has been engaged since 2006.
Haunting Ecologies: Victorian Conceptions of Water (forthcoming at the University of Virginia Press 2024), her book on Victorian engagements with fresh water, sets out to supplement the current focus on saltwater in the Blue Humanities. For this work, she was awarded a postdoctoral Marie Heim-Vögtlin scholarship by the SNSF (
But she also shares a longstanding interest in cultural representations of the beach with Virginia Richter, which over the years has led to a close and productive collaboration on all things littoral. Together, they organised a conference and several panels on littoral studies, gave conference presentations, published a book chapter, and co-edited the volume The Beach in Anglophone Literatures and Cultures (Ashgate 2015). Most recently, this partnership has resulted in the project The Beach in the Long Twentieth Century.

Ursula is also the author of Exploring Magic Realism in Salman Rushdie’s Fiction (Routledge, 2011) and, somewhat bizarrely, her interest in the beach was, originally, sparked by Rushdie’s descriptions of Aurora Zogoiby’s fictional paintings of the beach in The Moor’s Last Sigh. The clash between pain and pleasure, violence and leisure that characterises these descriptions, however, is still at the forefront of Ursula’s interest in the beach as a conflicted site that exposes cultures in crisis.

Ursula’s research concentrates on the fields of Victorian and postcolonial studies and the Environmental, specifically the Blue, Humanities, with a specific focus on prose writing of the nineteenth, twentieth, and twenty-first centuries. She is particularly interested in new materialism, all things aquatic and littoral, and in non-realist forms of writing.  From 2013-2015, she was a member of the DFG-Netzwerk Ethics und Aesthetics in Literary Representations of Ecological Transformations. Her current project deals with the representation of the Mediterranean, c. 1950 to the present.

Bodies on the Beach. The Mediterranean as Fugitive Space

This project takes its impetus from the current refugee crisis and examines the manner in which the view of the beach is changing in its wake. Specifically, the focus is on the beach as a contact zone that exposes cultures in crisis, as shown particularly in clashes between vacationscape and thanatoscape, and on how different texts and genres of Anglophone literature register and represent the conflicts and shifts between these two functions. In literary texts, this clash is often represented by different sensory engagements with the materiality of the sea and the beach: the currents and breakers which denote pleasure for bathing tourists are acutely threatening to refugees. The project breaks new ground through its inclusion of children and young adult fiction, as well as picture books and graphic novels, literary forms that have been among the first to react to the migration crisis. With their ethically motivated attempt to link the situation of refugees to the world of young readers, these genres merit special attention, specifically with regard to the tourist beach, which forms a cosmopolitan contact zone for young readers in particular.

Publications in the Field of the Environmental and Blue Humanities



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Conferences and Outreach

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‘Of Dark Waters: Strange Science, Forms and Genres in Literary Wetscapes’, panel for the British Society for Literature and Science Fourteenth Annual Conference, Royal Holloway, University of London, 4-6 April 2019 (with Dr Jolene Mathieson, University of Hamburg).

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